Do Garage Door Needs Fixing

By | February 23, 2020

Nothing is more disturbing than getting stuck outside the garage and waiting for the garage door to operate. You might be wished that there will be some magic that you use to just open the garage door.

A garage door is one of those devices that start creating problems after years of usage. It needs regular maintenance and care with the help of Greensboro NC Garage Door Repair services if you want to keep your garage door in working condition forever.

Major garage door repair may not be good

Most of the problems with the garage door may be small and can be handled easily. Don’t jump on the final decision quickly that your garage door needs the help of an expert. There may be problems that can be fixed easily without the help of professionals. Try some simple techniques first to check whether it work or not.

  • Check the batteries of remote

Check the battery power of the remote to see if it is good. Often the problem gets solve when you replace the batteries of the remote. If your garage door is not operating with remote, but you are able to open it manually, then definitely the problem is with batteries. 

  • Check the power cables

Broken or unplugged cables are the common issue of a garage door. Check the power motor of the garage door, and try to plug the motor into a different socket. There may not be enough power in one socket.

  • Check the garage door sensor

An automatic garage door is designed with the sensor which needs clear visibility to operate. Garage door sensors are mounted to trace an obstruction like any object placed on the path while operating. If the path of the sensor is not clear, the door will open or close. Make sure that there is nothing on the path of the sensor eye. Clean the lens regularly to make it work.

  • Garage door springs problem

There are high chances that the garage door will not work due to the damaged springs. In this case, don’t attempt to open the door manually. It is best to contact the garage door specialist. It is a very dangerous job and you are not suggested to fix and replace the springs on your own.

  • Garage door cable problems

If the garage door cables broke, they need quick fixing. Weaker cables can snap anytime and become dangerous. It is a good idea to replace the weak cables for the fast opening and closing of the garage door.

Always remember that check some minor on your own things before calling a professional company. If you are unable to tackle the problems then it’s time to call the expert to handle this job. Do not attempt any DIY garage door repair and care project if you are not familiar with the garage door and its problems. It may only lead you to unnecessary costs, injuries, and further damages.