Tips for Keeping Your Garage Door and Working Smoothly

By | May 22, 2022

Garage door maintenance is one of the most commonly overlooked jobs around the house. Since a garage door is the largest, most complex structure, the heaviest moving equipment around your house. People take their garage doors for granted as long as they function correctly.

They may even ignore the sounds that are created during operations. These squeaks clearly indicate that something is out of alignment or order.  As long as their garage doors open and close, they want them to and ignore the signs. Unfortunately, regular garage door maintenance’s negligence can eventually turn into a big disaster. Both garage door and garage door opener need to be taken care of periodically in order to keep them working properly and extend their life span. Need additional information about garage door services, please visit the link here

It is also important that you read the user’s manual that comes with the garage door to follow the manufacturer’s instructions about garage door maintenance and repair. If you don’t have a manual, you can find it online with the help of the brand and model number of your garage door. Some garage door companies even provide basic information online about garage door maintenance and repair which saves your time and effort. The manual will also tell you the best techniques to clean and lubricate the garage door and how to adjust certain parts of the garage door to maximize their performance.

If you are not familiar with the structure of the garage door and not sure where to start, you can start the work by just standing behind an insect the garage door thoroughly by keeping it closed. Check everything to find components that look worn, frayed, or even broken. If the problems look serious, you should call professional garage door technicians. There are some dangerous aspects of garage door maintenance and repair that should not be attempted by unskilled and untrained individuals. The garage door repair tasks include garage door cables or spring replacement. A garage door is a heavy machine and springs are highly tensed parts that should be handled with care. Saving a bit of cash for a garage door repair bill is not worth endangering your life.

Lubrication is the most critical part of the garage door maintenance job that you can perform on your own. All garage door moving parts such as, tracks, springs, hinges, and rollers need to be lubricated properly. The user’s manual will guide you about the type of lubricant you need to use on your garage door. Normally using light and heavy-duty silicone spray is the best option. You may use any good quality household oil because it can attract dirt, debris, and dust which will stick to the parts. Another test you need to conduct includes testing the balance of the garage door, periodic inspection of the garage door opener, and placement of the safety sensors of a garage door. You should mark the calendar so that you won’t forget the preventive maintenance routines.