The DIYs of Garage Door Fixing Project

By | June 3, 2021

After a long hectic day at your work place, all you just think of taking a nice shower and cup of coffee while watching your favorite TV show. When you arrive home and hit the button of your remote control to open your overhead garage door so that you can park your car safely and enjoy your evening with your family. Upon pressing the button, nothing happens and your garage door does not respond. You push the button repeatedly in frustration but nothing happens. The last option which you can do to deal with the non-functioning garage door is to call a professional garage door service provider like, Dade City garage door repair.

In such situations, most people would call the garage door technician to get the job done right away. But how about to have a look at the problems on your own before you put your cell phone and make an urgent call to the nearest garage door company. There is a chance that problems are not as big as you think they are and you can resolve them on your own. Don’t be panic because you were provided with a handbook by the manufacturer the day of garage door installation. Yes, that book is troubleshooting guidelines. Definitely, your first action will be reading the user’s manual. Let’s see what you can do when your garage door is refusing to open.

  • Remote control failure is a most common cause behind non-responding garage door. It is always good to keep a spare remote with you, so that you can evaluate if the issues lies with the handy device or somewhere else.
  • If your remote seems to be fine, inspect the safety sensors which receive singles from the remote. Make sure that the photo eyes of sensors are not covered by dust or anything else because it can block the frequency of signals.
  • After inspecting the remote and sensor, check the hinges and rollers on which garage door runs. Make sure that they are free from any substance and lubricated properly. It is a common cause which makes the situation worse slowly and steadily and at the end, you will have to pay costly repairing bills.
  • Make sure that all the cables and wires are connected properly and there is no frayed wire. The clear indication of the issue is the jamming garage door in the middle. The garage door might fluctuate and stop in the middle while opening and closing.
  • The garage door tracks on which your garage door runs are held in their right position by mounting brackets. Over a time, they can get loose and cause improper opening and closing of garage door. This problem can easily fix by just tightening the mounting brackets.
  • There is a chance that the tracks got dented. If your garage door is old or it has been a while since you had it maintained by professionals. You can fix the dents using a rubber hammer. Don’t hit it too hard, otherwise you might break the whole panel.
  • The last important point is relates to “garage door torsion spring”. The smooth opening and closing is controlled by these springs which are installed on the top of garage door. It helps you to pull the heavy weight of garage door, this is why, and they are under extreme amount of tension. Remember, it is a dangerous task to handle and you should probably call a garage door expert to deal with them.

Overall, it is recommended that always call a professional garage door expert whenever you experience any trouble with your garage door. If your garage door is old and its parts have reaching to their limit then they are supposed to be replaced after a certain period of time. If you want to have a soundly sleep, make sure that nobody can sneak through your malfunctioning garage door.